A Heroes Journey

Unlock your potential.

One of our first messages around resilience is “You need to look after youself first (but not the most)”. It has been a consistent message throughout our presentations, consulting and coaching activities.

However, the deeper we work with people; the more research and practice in this space, the more we realise that many people simply don’t know how to accomplish this most basic message – so many people don’t know how to look after themselves.

Either through a lack of knowledge, education or discipline, many don’t have the strategies to look after themselves properly – at a very practical level – in order to look after others.

In many instances, people need to reset their lives and habits.

This is the role of the Heroes Journey – a six month holistic health program.

Named to reflect that long term and sustainable change that requires all of us to find the hero inside ourselves. This program is about empowering the individual to make real change in the way they manage themselves and their interactions with their world.

The program educates and empowers participants to understand themselves and their habits to change for their own benefit. It is delivered in an intensive one-to-one basis together with our nutritionist and personbal trainer to provide the individual with a complete and hoslistic solution. The individual enjoys a:

  • Pre-program physical assessment (supplemented by their own doctors’ advice)
  • The completion of a strengths and values online profiling process
  • An eating audit to identify eating habits
  • A lifestyle audit
  • A personalised program incorporating key notes from above points.


This personalised program also encompasses the following elements:

  • Personalised nutrition plan
  • Personalised exercise plan (supported by video instruction and easy guides)
  • A goal setting guide that outlines and addresses triggers and habits – supported by thinking, self-talk and behavioural flexibility strategies.

Critically, participants receive personal coaching via a weekly telephone conversation with the personal trainer, nutritionist and lifestyle coach from Lessons Learnt Consulting.

The individual is coached in strategies around:
• Strengths identification
• Goal setting
• Sleep techniques
• Positive self-talk
• Positive affirmations
• Anger management
• Conflict resolution
• Mindfulness
• Conducting difficult conversations
• Changing from flight/fight responses to problem solving responses

The person that will be held accountable for the success of this program will be the individual participant themselves! However, through the journey that person will receive practical and sutainable support in body, mind and soul to ensure they remain positive-focused and happy for the rest of their lives.

This program comes to you.

Through the extensive use of technology (Skype, social media, Facetime) this program can be delivered anywhere in the world through collaboration with Lesson Learnt Consulting, local providers (where required) and the individual participant.

Because we are so confident in this process to achieve lasting change, participants may only participate in this program once as we believe that if by the end of six month, we have not changed participants habits, mindset and behaviour, repeat attendance is of no value. Participants do however, have the capacity to attend follow up and reinforcement webinars – at no cost.