Using HOPE on your road to finding your Wellbeing

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April 14, 2015


During a recent post, I noted that in building resilience hope, strategy and action was required. I defined hope as the ‘mystic of life” and put simply, when there is no hope there is no hope. So we must develop and use this hope as the fuel taking us on the journey towards finding our resilience as part of our wellbeing. Hope is that energy – or that mystic.

Since that post, I have continued to individuals, families, teams, organisations and communities on this topic. I have talked extensively about the need for hope and am often asked how hope can be found in times where things appear hopeless.

I really believe we can use the HOPE word as a way of building personal resilience strategies. This word HOPE can be broken down as a handy guide for us to develop real personal strategies to move towards our resilience. By looking as HOPE as standing for;

hope image2

H – Developing healthy habits
O- Optimistic thinking
P – a Plan
E – the requirement to enact our plans;

we can develop strategies for ourselves as well as advise our family and friends on strategies to build on resilience strategies.

What are your Habits – are they honouring you or holding you back? These habits are all encompassing covering our responses to the challenges and opportunities that this world will throw at us. How do you respond? Do you adopt problem solving and pause and plan responses or are your responses more towards the flight and fight responses. What are your habits around sleeping, nutrition, fitness, hydration, dealing with challenge etc?

Optimistic thinking- Are you a “glass half or a glass half empty type or person. Can you change? Are you willing to change? Are you aware of your thinking processes – are they flawed or optimistic. Are they appropriate? Are they working for you? Optimistic thinking is just not “thinking happy thoughts”. Rather, it is a conscious structured thinking strategy. It is acknowledging all of our positive and negative emotions and being able to work with them so that we are responding in a way that allows us to thrive in life.LLC-socialmedia images-01272015-450x450px-04

What’s your Plan? You must have a plan? It’s about making sure this plan reflects your reality – not trying to change reality to fit your plan? This plan identifies where we want to go and how we are going to get there. It’s about setting goals and shaping our lives and environment to maximise your chances of achieving the plan.

Finally, we have to Enact. We have to enact our plans – we have to do. Enacting is more than just doing through- Its about engaging with the work and the environment around you. It’s about achieving that level of connection that we all need to interact positively with the world.

In my follow up posts, I will delve deeper into each of these areas to build resilience as part of the wellness strategies.

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