When the war is over – hunk, chunk or drunk?

Dennis Hoiberg, Lessons Learnt Consulting Blog_Hunk, chunk or drunk?

Written ByDennis

June 5, 2020

WE WILL come out of this pandemic either as a hunk – after doing all that exercise we promised ourselves; a chunk after comfort eating our way through; or a drunk – after drowning our sorrows in the most Australian of ways!

Which one will you be?

What choice will you make about how to deal with this crisis? It can either control us or we can choose to grow from it.

There are seven ways to grow from crisis. Which one will you embrace?

The first area of growth is a greater appreciation of your life. What did you miss most as a result of all these restrictions? I bet they were the little things that we never even thought of. It provides a whole new area for gratitude hey.

Another opportunity is a greater appreciation of close relationships. Adversity brings out the best and the worst in people. Which of your circle stood up and reached out and who disappeared, became self-centred and inward? What is that telling you?

From this crisis, are you feeling increased compassion for people who are genuinely doing it tough because of losing their jobs – through no fault of their own? What about those people who could not attend the funerals of loved ones due to the restrictions? Remember, ‘there but for the grace of God goes I’! Can you help? Remember that when people are doing it tough, sometimes the thing they need most is your presence – either physically or in spirit.

Another great opportunity to grow from this crisis is finding clarity in your purpose in life – your ‘Ikigai’ as the Japanese refer to it. Where is the “sweet spot” of what you are good at; like to do; is something the world needs, and you can get rewarded for? At least ask the question before you get back on the treadmill!

Has this experience stirred or deepened your spiritual beliefs and growth? What do you believe? Is there a larger force in your life? One thing this experience has done for me is reinforced how little control we have over our world! It is the butterfly effect – someone gets sick in China and it causes an global incident.

What areas are there now for your creative growth because of this experience? What have you been doing to keep your brain occupied? Has this sparked an itch to become more proficient in whatever that was? There are many things that we can do to satisfy that need, that creative urge.

What have you learnt about yourself and how do you deal with a crisis? Have you discovered some strengths that you never thought you had or was underdeveloped? I’ll give you a head start. We survived our first global pandemic! Reflect on these strengths and commit to continuing to develop them.

You never know what you’ve got until it is gone – well, we are lucky as now we know!

Ok, I’m off to do 25 push ups, followed by a cream doughnut and a nice shiraz – I might as well have all bases covered!

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