‘The White Knuckled Ride’ by Lessons Learnt Consulting founder Dennis Hoiberg – a book packed with techniques to deal with changingtimes.

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View Videos: Inspirational People

People inpire us. The more work we do at Lessons Learnt Consulting, the more we comprehend that there are no extraordinary people – just ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We come across these people every day and understand that everyone has a story.

We felt the need to share these incredible stories through a series of interviews conducted by Dennis Hoiberg with these “ordinary people doing extraordinary things” – giving us insights to the lessons that these people have learnt through their journey so far.


Blokes Talk Beer

Blokes Talk is Lessons Learnt Consulting’s very own beer. It is a subtle 3.7% midstrenght IPA .

The concept of this beer was to specifically create that environment where people – especially blokes, feel safe to talk and share.

Because it’s not just about the beer, it’s about the conversation.