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Raw, unscripted and unfiltered….another platform to spread his message of HOPE to all. 

The Resilience Whisperer is currently moving to a new hosting platform so cannot be streamed on iTunes or Spotify anymore until further notice. Apologies for the inconveniences – have uploaded some past episodes from over the years for you to listen to below.

Thanks for your patience.


Episode 1:  Hospitality – Behind the Smiles   |  17  Sep 2019

 We love receiving service with a smile – but it’s not always a smile felt on the inside. There are some alarming statistics surrounding those within the hospitality industry so I have sat down with co-owner of Lickerish restaurant in Adelaide and reality tv winner, John Hall to discuss this further.

Hospitality - Behind the Smiles

by Dennis Hoiberg & John Hall

Episode 2:  Part 2 of Hospitality – Behind the Smiles   |  25  Sep 2019

We continue our conversation with John Hall and delve a bit deeper into what it takes to work within the Hospitality industry and the strategies to stay on top – mentally and physically.

Part 2 of Hospitality - Behind the Smiles

by Dennis Hoiberg & John Hall

Episode 3:  Dry Times – Tips to Cope   |  30  Sep 2019

Significant water shortages is a cause for great concern and grief – particularly for those in the rural, farming and agricultural communities. With tough times and dry conditions still expected ahead – how do we cope?

Episode 6:  The Planks of Resilience  |  30  October 2019

What’re your plans for your business when you retire? Just like with your superannuation, succession planning should be organised well in advance to ensure a smooth transition. Proper planning can save money in the long run and (particularly with family businesses) save relationships. Listen in on the strategies I’ve learnt helping small businesses with theirs.

Episode 21:  Do You Trust the Universe? |  31 August 2021

With the increase of fear or uncertainty in the world today, do you think the universe has a plan for us that we should just go along with? I dive into these questions and provide you with some of my own theories and strategies to overcome an existential crisis within this podcast. Have a listen!

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