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Presented by Dennis Hoiberg, our practical, easy-to-follow exercises will complement your own journey and help build your emotional resilience.

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Your journey to resilience

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Emotional Resilience for Small Business
Developing Emotional Resilience – An overview
When it doesn’t have to be – It is what it is! – the Value of Acceptance in a Resilient Mindset
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Developing Emotional Resilience – An overview
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6 Steps to Losing Weight – And None of Them Has To Do With Your Diet
Habits to get Great Quality Sleep

Managing Stress

May Stress be your Motivator! – 5 Steps to being Stress Hardy
Brain Rules for Surviving and Thriving In Fast Changing Times


7 Steps to Wellness
Finding your X Factor – Taking A Strength Based Approach to Your Wellness
Do more than DO – Control and Contribute – Developing Career Strategies to Sustain Personal Wellness
Steps to Building Heart Intelligence – Completing the Jigsaw of Your Wellbeing Strategies

Goal setting

The Joy of Setting and Completing Goals – 5 Steps to Set and Achieve Goals to live a Resilient Life
4 Steps to Unstick Your life
6 Strategies to Achieve your 2015 Goals
Change Your Mind- Change Your Life
5+7 Strategies to Build Your Willpower Muscle

Personal Development

Achieving the big 3 Rs through POWERFUL Listening
Mindfulness Techniques to Improve Productivity, Relationships and Resilience