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Topic: Happiness is a Privilege – Not an Entitlement.


When: Thursday 17 May, 2018 @ 6:30PM AEDT

Are you happy? Who wants to be happy? I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. Yet everyday, I deal with people who are unhappy. This behaviour effects relationships, families, businesses and communities. It does my head in!
For all the books that have been written and words spoken about the topic, we still don’t seem to be getting it!


Maybe happiness isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be? Maybe we have been looking at it all wrong? Maybe we have to start all over again!?

As always, the answer is in research – of science and what works and doesn’t work.
I reckon we have found the “silver bullet” that will allow all this happiness talk actually make a difference and have real traction in our life.

And guess what we have found? Happiness is not a right – it’s a privilege; and like any other privilege it’s something that must be worked and sustained. Yes, you have to actually work at your happiness – you are not entitled to it!

Don’t worry – the solution is not “airy-fairy” stuff and it’s not just about “thinking happy thoughts”. The solution is doing practical things that are based on structured research and on things that work for it. It’s about action – you just need to identify what action works for you!

In this webinar, we will present the science and evidence and show you how to apply this research in your life, relationships and business. As you apply these findings, you will discover a state of happiness – or more precisely joy that will bring you inner peace, a more fulfilled and healthier life, deeper relationships and maybe even more profitable, enjoyable and sustained careers and business.

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Change Your Mindset

Thursday 17 May @ 6:30PM AEDT. Further webinar details and registration here: