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Written By Dennis

April 27, 2020

They were right – I am just like my dad. At any big family event, we would find dad “self-isolating” in the shed listening to the races and drinking beer. When I quizzed mum if dad was in a bad mood, her response was – “No, he just likes his own company”.

The current social distancing requirements has proved that I am the same. Even though I yearn for person-to-person contact, I also adore my own time and being by myself. For me, that is a revelation!

What have you learnt about yourself? In these days of being encouraged to stay at home, it is a great time to reflect and learn something new about yourself. In fact, if you don’t use this opportunity to learn, you have wasted a crisis – and you should never waste an opportunity to grow from a crisis.

Another thing I have learnt about myself is that I have many wants but few needs. I want many things, travel, cars, flashy clothes, new gadgets etc. – but do I really need them? Nope. I need interesting work, I need good health, I need to live by my beliefs and values but that’s about all! Life now seems much simpler and less complicated. What a liberating sensation and experience.

Now your turn. Have you ever said to yourself that you want to get off this never-ending roundabout called life and for everything to stop? Well guess what – now is the opportunity! How are you going to use this?

I know many of you still have people around you, but why don’t you try to use this shut down to your advantage to recalibrate, recharge and reset. This is an opportunity to strip everything back and have a look “under the bonnet”. What shape are you in? Can you use a little refining in terms of your beliefs, behaviours, and routines? Are you on the path that you want to be on, or have you been distracted “doing the do?” Living life or living YOUR life? Are the people who you rely on for advice and friendship really serving you? Maybe now is the time to do an audit of your friendship circle. I reckon if those people in your circle haven’t contacted you either verbally or by text at least twice since all this happened, then they don’t deserve to be in your circle. Create a quality not quantity circle.

Are there little unresolved issues in your life that are weighing you down and either haven’t had the time to address or hidden behind the “too busy” excuse? Well, now’s the time.

Here is a tip. When we get less busy, the subconscious brain releases thoughts and they pop up in our conscious brains. They are the issues to be resolved. Get used to carrying a note pad with you over this next while and as your mind starts to relax, listen to what is coming to mind and write them down. Ask yourself – why did those thoughts pop up in your head. What is your spirit trying to say to you to try and get things resolved or to let go? Try it – you have nothing to lose!

Oh, and another thing I have realised is how much rubbish is on mainstream TV.

Keep moving and talk next month.

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