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Written By Dennis

May 3, 2019

Oh my goodness, what just happened!? What was all that stuff about Easter eggs and those holidays? Surely the Easter Bunny came too early? After all, Santa Claus, his missus and the elves just finished their mighty duty and only started settling Rudolf and the reindeers down right?!

Next, someone will tell me winter is nearly here!

We are already 32.5% of the way through the year… Hang on, I was just getting into the rhythm of 2019 and its already a third over!

So how are you traveling in 2019? How are all your resolutions and promises that you made to make yourself a better person, partner, parent and community member?

For me, when significant events occur – Christmas, Easter, Anzac Day, birthdays, the Warwick Picnic races (May 11 – be there!), it reminds me that it’s later than I think. And for me it’s not an age thing -it’s as life thing.

We all set objectives with good intentions of achieving them but somehow, life starts to take over and we become consumed and distracted by the everyday grind of life. We may feel like we are on a treadmill “doing the do” everyday and in the back of our minds we have that little voice, “when I finish this, I must get onto my objectives.”

I am dedicated to assisting build people’s emotional resilience – that ability to bounce through the challenges of life and to thrive. People make the mistake of believing resilience is required for the big challenges – droughts, bushfires, floods, climatic change, financial hardship and so on. This is a mistake that I often talk about and witness. The major challenge most of us face is the little stuff. Resilience is a life skill and is required mostly to help us get through our day to day lives.

This was a topic of a coaching conversation I recently had. This person wanted advice to, in their words, “get back on track” meaning – “how do I get back to my goals and objectives I set for myself”.

My first piece of advice was to change the language – this person was not “off the track” but was doing the daily routine and activities of a parent, a parent and employee. This person was doing what we call “living”.

Certainly, set objectives and take time to reflect on them but don’t be a slave to them. Life has to be lived in the way that is best for you. Be nice to yourself.

Next tip is to take some personal time out – every day. For many of us that is when we are having a shower or driving to work or having a coffee in a quiet location. I can hear you saying “I’m too busy for that.” My response is – you feel you are too busy because you stop and take the time to do that.

Another sage piece of advice is to accept the progress of your life through the year and be grateful for it. It is something that is sadly denied of many of our community.

Life does go on – quickly at times. Pause, breathe, reframe and enjoy the craziness of the ride.

Here’s to the second third of 2019. ffffffffffff

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