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Written By Dennis

February 7, 2019

How big is your world? If it isn’t at all, may I suggest for 2019 that you live your life as large as possible!

Just prior to Christmas on the other side of the world, I was having a discussion with a young couple who were like any young couple – full of ambition, hopes and dreams. But they had hit a hurdle that was threatening to suck them of energy. As an outsider looking in, the issue seemed easily resolvable, but they had fallen for the old trick that gets us very time  – they had gone small.  They were consumed by the problem and had retreated into themselves. They had stopped following the process of life which inevitably leads to issues getting out of perspective – taking away our ability to deal with our world. They had gone small!

After working with individuals and communities in a number of countries now, I have noticed  those people who are most “well” have large worlds – their networks and interactions are broad and multi-faceted.

Ever notice that when things aren’t going your way and the challenges in your life seem to be building up, you go “small”? You concentrate on the issue at hand and lose perspective on the bigger picture. I think this is particularly evident in regional and rural communities (although not exclusive to them) where isolation, due to distance or weather (colder climates), is a real factor.

The problem with living in a “small world” is that the smaller the world, the bigger the problem! Even the little challenges become larger and take away our energies, our joys and our focus.

However, when living in a “large” world, those small issues are exactly that – small. They can be put in perspective as we realise that other people may share the same problem and might even have actual experience to resolve our issues.

So how do you make your world “large”? The simple answer is to reach out, interact, give, ask for help and when it is offered, accept it.

Who are you interacting with? It can be both physically and “virtually.” Technology now exists through social media and the world wide web for you to interact with anyone, anywhere. Interact with as many groups and people as possible as this both exposes you to and allows you to form different perspectives and experiences.

Whose voice and wisdom are you listening to? Who do you go to for a chat or advice about your issues and world? Everyone has wisdom built through their experiences, wins and losses. Seek out other people’s stories as a way of redefining your own and learn from other people lessons!

What are you doing to develop yourself at a personal or professional level? Who and what are you reading? What new skills or perspectives are you developing from these activities. It is never too late to learn a new skill or to challenge your own or other people’s perspective.

What are you giving to your world? Life is about giving rather than taking and one of my lessons is that the more you give the more you get – so you can never give enough!

Where are you volunteering your own wisdom and knowledge to the betterment of your community and world? I doubt if anyone has ever had an offer of help to a community group or sporting club refused.

Live life large and reap the benefits. p

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