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January 30, 2020

I am not a big fan of making New Year resolutions. It makes planning sound like an event rather than what it should be – a process. Most of these resolutions don’t make it to the end of January anyway.

I am, however, a really big fan of reflection. Like the words from Slim Dusty’s song Looking Forward Looking Back – “These are strange days, full of change on the way; But we’ll be fine, unlike some; I’ll be leaning forward to see what’s coming”.

Reflecting to me is a process of looking backward as well as an action of looking forward.

The reflecting asks us the really critical question – “of what I did or how I behaved in 2019 – did it work for me?” It’s a great question. It’s a question that in all truth changed my life.

If the answer is yes – keep doing it. If the answer is no, then change and do something different!

But different how? I reckon there are four questions that helps in the reflection process – questions that both look back but importantly, points the way ahead.

My first question is – did you follow the values you claim to have in 2019 and have they served you well? Identify your philosophy in life and your spiritual beliefs. Looking forward, articulate your values and philosophy. Develop a personal saying or mantra. Maybe commit to focusing on what you can control and accepting what is outside of your control. Commit to living in the moment – not in the past or future.

Next question focuses on your creativity. Did you discover a source for your creativity in 2019 and can this be continued? Commit to making time for yourself to build on these sources. Commit to being mindful of the beauty in this world and be grateful for your blessings. Spend more time doing the stuff that feeds your soul.

What breakthroughs have you had in your career? Are they worthy of continuing? What habits do need to stop or start? What habits do you need to keep maximising their benefit for your career? What new skills do you need to develop to support your career? Is your current job just a job or is it your calling and a career? What do you need to do to be the very best version of yourself?

My final question is what were the best bits of your personal life in 2019? What were the not so good bits? What was great about your romantic or platonic relationships? How was your relationships with your family? Did that serve you? Do you need to build bridges? Did your parenting habits achieve the desired result? What can you do this year to further develop these skills?

The benefit of reflection is that you don’t need to have the answer right now. Let it rumble in your heart and soul and the answers will come to you. Be open to what the universe says to you. After all, the only thing the universe wants is the very best for you!

“Making sense of what I’ve seen; All the love we’ve had between; You and I, along the track; Looking forward, Looking back.” Ah They don’t make them like Slim anymore!

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