A Grateful Journey & Release of 2018 Calendar

Written By Dennis

November 18, 2017

“In my job, I get to work with some of the most fantastic people and visit some of the most amazing places. This calendar is our way of expressing our gratitude for the opportunities we get.”

Lessons Learnt Consulting is a niche consulting company focusing on change and change management. It offers a wide range of change management solutions but has a particular emphasis of helping people thrive through the changes and challenges in life.

We are thrilled to announce the release of our 2018 calendar which contains some quintessentially Australian photos taken by our founder Dennis Hoiberg on his travels around Australia.

Each month has a fantastic photo and an inspirational quote to help people along their own journey.

“The challenge in producing this calendar” Dennis said, “was to decide what to leave out as we had so many options”.

Each monthly image is unique, from January’s Pink Lake around Dimboola in the Western region of Victoria to the Killen Falls in Ballina, New South Wales in December.  Each month has some truly amazing Australian imagery.

When asked to nominate his favourite, Dennis compared that to nominating his favourite child “impossible to do!”

“I have a couple of personal favourites. I love the March photo of the Adelaide River. I took this flying out of Darwin back to the southern states and was just so impressed with the way the Adelaide River seemed to essentially snake its way through that part of the Northern Territory.  The quote of that month, ‘Take care of yourself before you take care of others’ underpins so much of our work.


u2My other favourite is the September photo featuring our own beer ‘BlokesTalk’.  This is such a special photo for me  even though I must admit, I didn’t take it personally. My daughter, Ebony, who co-facilitates our Pathways to Purpose retreat in Bali (next one is September 2-8, 2018) took this photo. The Blokes Talk stubby holder is a product that’s unique to Lessons Learnt Consulting and I am actually very proud that we make and produce it as it encourages blokes to talk. As we say, it’s not about the beer, it’s about the conversation. But I swear it’s a good beer as well! With Uluru in the background what a stunning photo (by the way, the beer is now brewed by my other daughter Chloe Stanzel who has recently returned from Germany to continue her and her husband Michael’s brewing business, Wild Creatures, in Australia).  Thanks Ebbs for the photo and being the hand model!”

wilgaraThe whole calendar captures the extremes of Australia – the stunning Pink Lakes near Dimboola, brilliantly clear evening skies of Coonabarabran, the desert clouds over Alice Springs, the almost Scottish feel of Shelford Victoria, the ingenuity of the Coonalpyn Silo Art and the determination, resilience and almost stubbornness of Walgett, New South Wales.

This calendar is our way of expressing our gratitude for the opportunities we have been given. We also created the space on this calendar for you to reflect on things that you are grateful for during 2018.

The calendar is now on sale through our website or contact Dennis Hoiberg at Dennis.hoiberg@lessonslearntconsulting.com.  The cost is $20 (plus package and handling) with profits going to the Cultural Leaders with Spiritual Insight Foundation supported by Lessons Learnt Consulting and the participants of our Pathways to Purpose retreat.




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